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The goal of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge is to support the well-being of our children. The City of Thunder Bay and the Thunder Bay District Health Unit have come together to help make our city a place where our children can lead healthier lives. Together with you (parents, family, friends and neighbours) we will create and promote focused initiatives, resources and activities around:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Behaviours for Children
Healthy Kids Community Challenge - Thunder Bay - Physical Activity

Every child should feel like a superhero!

As a health-conscience city, we will challenge ourselves and support our children on the path of an active, healthy life.


As parents, family, friends, neighbours and community leaders we will:

Make being healthy fun
We will organize and promote healthy community activities that kids really enjoy.

Be role models
Kids are copy cats so we will lead by example. Our positive lifestyle choices will influence healthy habits early.

Educate the public
Our communication will be informative to parents and engaging to children.

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